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Social business = the battle for your desktop
Author Guy R. Thackray   10-May-2012

The Social Business software companies are competing fiercely to win market share in this still nascent field of collaboration.

Players like Jive Software, Yammer, Tibbr, Socialtext…and the like, are all rushing out new functions, partnering with value add companies and building interfaces to backend applications. E.g. Microsoft Sharepoint.


At the same time we have new market entrants, having recognized the demand, are now leveraging their existing market position and tools to join battle.


In this space we have, for example, Cisco bringing out QUAD and Microsoft has decided to make Sharepoint a fully fledged collaboration platform this year.


This is when the game gets interesting.


Microsoft have a huge installed base of Sharepoint users around the world that it can easily sell to.  Additionally they can make sure that this platform works with Skype, Outlook and other products, from its vast products suite, to deliver a platform that enables users to do all their communications from one place.  Add to this the ability for companies to integrate existing business applications into the collaboration platform, then suddenly you can do everything you want from one place.


Likewise, Cisco and others such as IBM can deliver the same one-stop-business-shop for them to deliver one interface to all of an enterprise users business needs.


This kind of interface would replace your standard desktop interface so that when you turned on your device you would no longer go into your standard desktop (or just one click to load it), you would just go into your 'MyPage' which will deliver to you everything that you need.


e.g. You might see :

- an email stream (from whichever email application you were using)

- RSS feeds for those things you are interested in

- feeds from people and groups you are following

- a list of people you deal with regularly and their ‘presence status’

- a list of the apps you work with daily

- reporting feeds

- your telephone, IM, conferencing, video conferencing

- current documents and videos you are working on

- current discussions

- and so on….


As soon as you are able to have an interface that gives you what you want, when you want it then there is no need to go anywhere else – your 'MyPage' will be where you do everything that you need to do.



POLL RESULTS - Which collaboration platform are you using ?
Author Guy R. Thackray 10-May-2012 - based upon feedback from LinkedIn Polls detailed below


I ran two polls on LinkedIn asking people what collaboartion platforms they were using in their companies.  Take a look at the polls to see some very interesting feedback from people.


1- http://lnkd.in/CHZE7T

2- http://lnkd.in/DStpqv


Over a hundred people voted and the following list of 26 Collaboration Platform Solutions were mentioned :


Jive SBS www.jivesoftware.com
Cisco QUAD http://www.cisco.com/web/products/quad/index.html
Sharepoint http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/en-gb/pages/default.aspx
Yammer https://www.yammer.com/product/
IBM Connections http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/connections/
SocialText http://www.socialtext.com/
Enlightn http://www.enlightn.com/
SocialCast http://www.socialcast.com/
Caseware Collaborate http://www.caseware.com/products/collaborate
BlueKiwi http://www.bluekiwi-software.com/en/
Chatter http://www.salesforce.com/chatter/overview/
Tibbr http://www.tibbr.com/
Yakabox http://www.yakabod.com/
Clearvale http://www.broadvision.com/en/clearvale.php
SocialCast http://www.socialcast.com/
Podio https://company.podio.com/?gclid=CK7tsd3p9a8CFVASfAodrilKFw
Neudesic Pulse http://www.neudesic.com/what/products/pulse/Pages/index.aspx
Newsgator http://www.newsgator.com/
Communote http://www.communote.com/homepage/en/
Knowledge Plaza http://www.knowledgeplaza.net
Google Apps http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/index.html
eRoom http://www.emc.com/products/detail/software2/eroom.htm
Telligent http://telligent.com/
SharingCloud http://en.sharingcloud.com/
MangoSpring http://www.mangospring.com/